Sunday, November 16, 2008

'Têtes à claques' Pilot 1 & 2

(Penerang di ambi ari Wikipedia)

Têtes à claques is a French-language humour website created on August 16, 2006. Over one million short videos are watched per day, making it one of the most popular francophone websites in Quebec and Canada. As of October 2007, there are 60 videos. The most popular of these include Le pilote, Le Willi Waller, and Halloween.

The creator, Michel Beaudet, has expressed surprise at the popularity of his site, and has said it has reached a size he would never have dreamed of.

The skits feature characters sculpted from modelling clay that are fairly simplistic. Michel Beaudet creates the figures himself, by superimposing his own moving eyes, mouth, and sometimes nose, on their faces with a computer. In addition, Beaudet has a box of fake, grotesque teeth, which he puts in while his face is being filmed. The phrase tête à claques translates loosely as "a face so ugly, you want to slap it."

The site has also become very popular in France, not only because of the intentional humour and wit, but also because of a stereotypical Quebec French pronunciation, which differs greatly from pronunciations used in France, as well as the frequent anglicisms (English words or expressions inserted into speech).

NB : Video lucu tu datai ari Quebec, Canada. Amat geli ati ninga jaku ribai beseleng peranchis kena 'katun' tu berandau.


  1. Sayau enda nemu jaku peranchis! Nadai lah nemu enjoy french humor!

  2. Lucu endar sida tu. Semina ninga bejaku English ngena French accent udah ngasuh geli ati...